Portland Fit Club

Jan 31, 2010

Why stop at 1?

Since I got pregnant I have had the worst cravings for one particular food that I won't look twice at as we pass in the store, let alone ever allow on my grocery list.  What is this food you ask?  Oodles of Noodles (Top Ramen).  Specifically, the beef flavor.  I know, I know...what the heck is a health nut vegetarian doing craving those sodium, calorie & fat laden little packets of noodles?  I blame my parents...(not really).  I lived off of Oodles of Noodles when I was a kid, absolutely loved them~!  Of course, then my metabolism was much more on par and I didn't suffer from hypothyroidism.  Now, just looking at a packet makes me gain 3 pounds.

So I caved in and had hubby pick up some for me.  I had a couple of them that night and this morning still craved them.  So at lunch I ate two more, then I decided I might want one more.  So I had it.  Once that third pack hit bottom, I was ill!  I felt awful all day and still feel queasy when I think of them.  I think my overindulgance might have cured me of my awful cravings.  I only need to buy 6 mths more of time before my self control becomes my own and not the whim of the excess hormones running through my body.

Now that I am craving free I am going to go to the store to fill up on healthy, good for me, raw veggies & fruit and try to get myself back on the right track!

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