Portland Fit Club

Jan 18, 2010

Letting Go

I finally decided it was time to get comfortable with a sitter.  It only took me 4 and a half years to finally make that decision..... No that's not true.  I had decided about a year and a half ago, but haven't actually followed through until now.  We tried a daycare center when I first started my job out of college, and a month into it they called me at work and said my daughter, who was just a year old at that time, had fallen out of a high chair and passed out.  When I asked how she fell out of the high chair they responded "she was standing up in it and didn't listen when we told her to sit down".  That was it for the center.  We then found a nice lady who had an in home daycare that we really liked, but she didn't have room for our son when he was born.  At that point my husband and I just began alternating shifts so that one of us was always home with the kids.  I loved this situation and tend to feel that no one can take care of our kiddos quite like us.  Although the preschool we send our oldest to 3 half-days a week does a pretty amazing job too!

My husband is full time and I am going back to full time to help out the firm during tax season.  So I asked around and finally settled on a friend's neice.  She is only 13, but would only be watching the kids for 5 hours so my husband can get some sleep before he goes in to work at night on Thursdays.  She is a very nice, responsible girl and I think she is a good choice.  We can grow together.  Once she gets older and the kids and I get more comfortable with her, my husband and I just might get to have a night to ourselves here and there.  I am a little nervous, but remind myself that my husband will be in the house and can help out should the need arise.  I hope everything works out!

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