Portland Fit Club

Jan 3, 2010

Pregnancy Goals

This pregnancy will be my sixth total. Pregnancy number three and four ended in very early miscarriages, then we had number five, Ember, my little angel. To say the least, I am terrified of having another miscarriage, but am just taking it one day at a time and staying positive.

I gained a total 50 pounds with each of my three kids. This pregnancy I am hoping to break out of that old rut. I am currently 5'7.5 inches and 159lbs. My goal is to stay at 159 until I get through the first trimester, and then allow for approximately a pound a week, for a total of 28lbs the entire pregnancy. If I can accomplish this goal, I will be amazed! I always gain the most weight in the first trimester, so if I am able to maintain my current weight until I am out of the first trimester, the rest should be easy....right???

I had already planned on starting ChaLEAN after Christmas, so I have stuck with that plan. I started ChaLEAN last Sunday, and wrapped up the first week tonight. I will complete the 90 day program as planned and then evaluate where I am and how I am feeling after that. I will make whatever modifications that are needed to feel comfortable and protect my body & the baby during the program. Here is my before picture (5 weeks 6 days pregnant and on day 6 of ChaLEAN).  It always amazes me, how quickly my tummy pokes out this early in pregnancy.

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