Portland Fit Club

Jan 11, 2010

That's my Protein...Hands off!

I love my family dearly....I really do, but do I really need to share my whey protein shake with my kids after my workout????  This has become a recurring habit of theirs.  They hover in the kitchen just waiting for me to pull out the Silk and my jug of protein powder.  Today I gave in and made a shake for them to share with half the powder to the same amount of Silk.  I need to ask their doctor if this is ok on a semi regular basis before I let them make it a habit.  As much as I complain, I really don't mind sharing since the kids don't eat a whole lot of meat and I want to be sure they are getting enough protein.  I think they are getting plenty as we make a conscious effort to put protein on their plates often, but with the way they each eat (sometimes they like something the next day they don't) and there being three of them, it is tough to keep tally all day long in addition to everything else we need to remember.   LOL and we are having four....why???  Ah well, I suppose we wouldn't have had the challenge placed upon us if we couldn't handle it, right? 

I also realize that I should just be thankful that they look up to me and want spend time with me and to be like me, because someday they just might change their minds!

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