Portland Fit Club

Jan 16, 2010

My Little Marker Eater

I know they say on the box of Crayola Markers that Crayola products are non-toxic, but I can't help but wonder if it applies in my situation.  I have a marker monster.  Every time one of the other two (usually my son) leaves a marker laying around without the cap on it, my one year old grabs it and runs.  I see her come around the corner with green, blue, purple, orange, and the scariest of all red just oozing out of her mouth as she chews on the tip of the marker she bit off.  I frantically dig the marker tip out and stick a cloth in her mouth to try and soak up whatever hasn't been soaked up by her tongue (I don't think she swallows any of it...just lets drool & marker run down her chin).  As hard as I try to be diligent with keeping track of what the older two are doing/dragging out, it is difficult to monitor every single activity every day.  I am more concerned with the beads and other choking hazards....ya know the ones that say "WARNING risk of choking and death" on the package!  So I pass on making the markers something that I have to go get every time they want to use them.  By the time Ember is old enough to treat the markers right (i.e. not eating them) number four will be ready to take her place :(

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