Portland Fit Club

Jan 19, 2010

Fit Minded

My middle child, my son, is a high energy low focus type child.  In order to get the best results with him, you have to turn him to face you and make sure he is really listening.  I swear that kid can turn it on and off like that.  I will say "Rory, go get your clothes and get dressed for the day" and he won't respond, he doesn't miss a beat in his play and is face doesn't even register that he heard my voice, but I can also then say to his sister "Tabby, thank you for getting dressed so quickly, would you like to help me make cookies" and all of a sudden his hearing aid is turned on.  We have been working on finding activities that teach him to focus, while still are in the realm of play.  One of his newest favorites is what I like to call "the lego project".  I will make some sort of simple 1 dimensional shape out of legos and then provide him with the exact same number of legos in the same shape and color and he will try to create the same shape I did.  A simple game, but he loves it as long as I am careful not to get to "creative" with my shapes.  We were able to find a game that runs along similiar lines....it has shapes and flashcards showing different pictures created by the shapes.  Rory loves the truck ones and does a really good job putting them together.  I love the Learning Store.  Such great toys!

Another thing I have noticed and tried to jump on when the opportunity arises, is that when his sister is practicing writing her letters, he watches intently and tries to mimic her.  He wants so much to be like his sister at times.  He actually does a pretty good job with writing some of his letters (for being almost 3), thanks to Tabby's love of letters & recently, writing.  He is a pretty smart guy, but channeling his energy into useful outlets can be challenging.

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