Portland Fit Club

Jan 10, 2010

7 weeks yesterday

So I am now at seven weeks and so far so good.  In the past week (Sat to Sat), I only managed to get in 3 workouts.  Partly due to morning sickness occurring at night when I usually workout, and then lack of coordination in the kids schedules.  So starting from today I am going to shoot for 4 of the 7 days.  In about 20 minutes I will put the youngest down for a nap and do Burn Intervals and Ab Burner and then probably will have to do Tony & the Kids with Tabby & Rory.  Tabby will also probably try to do Ab Burner with me, LOL.

Two days ago I was standing holding Ember and Tabby comes up and pokes my tummy and says "mom you have a big belly"  I couldn't believe it.  Yes my belly is already showing a bit, but for her to notice and comment on it blows my mind!  We haven't yet told her that we are having a new baby.  We will tell them if everything looks ok on Thursday. 

I am getting anxious for the appointment on Thursday.  Hoping all is well!

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