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Jan 31, 2010

Why stop at 1?

Since I got pregnant I have had the worst cravings for one particular food that I won't look twice at as we pass in the store, let alone ever allow on my grocery list.  What is this food you ask?  Oodles of Noodles (Top Ramen).  Specifically, the beef flavor.  I know, I know...what the heck is a health nut vegetarian doing craving those sodium, calorie & fat laden little packets of noodles?  I blame my parents...(not really).  I lived off of Oodles of Noodles when I was a kid, absolutely loved them~!  Of course, then my metabolism was much more on par and I didn't suffer from hypothyroidism.  Now, just looking at a packet makes me gain 3 pounds.

So I caved in and had hubby pick up some for me.  I had a couple of them that night and this morning still craved them.  So at lunch I ate two more, then I decided I might want one more.  So I had it.  Once that third pack hit bottom, I was ill!  I felt awful all day and still feel queasy when I think of them.  I think my overindulgance might have cured me of my awful cravings.  I only need to buy 6 mths more of time before my self control becomes my own and not the whim of the excess hormones running through my body.

Now that I am craving free I am going to go to the store to fill up on healthy, good for me, raw veggies & fruit and try to get myself back on the right track!

Jan 30, 2010

Out performed by my 4.5 year old!

We just finished lunch, and, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I hear the T.V. come on and my 4.5 year old say "mom....mom.....I can't hear the T.V."  I walk into the living room with the following words on the tip of my tongue:  "Tabby, do you really think you need to watch T.V. right now....why don't we find an activity to do together"

Just before the words actually fell off my tongue I realize she had cleared the toys out of the middle of the living room floor, had her water cup poised on the stand for her water break, and was getting ready to work out with Tony & the Kids.  The worst part of this is that she has done this for the past 3 or 4 days.  She used to only think about her workout after she saw me doing my video.  But she has been keeping up with her workouts even though I haven't been keeping up with mine!  I can not believe my four and a half year old is giving me a run for my money :)  I am extremely happy and proud that she is doing this on her own. I would never ever EVER force my children to do a workout video, they get plenty of exercise in their daily play.......Tabby has always enjoyed it so her aunt & uncle bought her Tony & the Kids for Christmas.  She was sooo excited to have her very own workout dvd.

I highly recommend the workout video if you want to have a fun way to incorporate activity in your child's day.  It is not a structured workout so to speak....Tony is very silly and fun in the workouts.  For example they pretend to surf in one of the exercises.  They get down on their stomachs really fast and move their arms and legs like they are swimming, then they get up and pretend like they are trying to get their balance etc.  They also pretend to be frogs and scootch down then jump up, they hop on one foot then the other pretending that the ground is really hot etc..  It is a lot of fun and doesn't seem like a workout at all.  Tabby gets right into it.  Plus it is very inexpensive.  I have included the link below.


So anyway....looks like I might have to do my workout today.  I can't have my kids out fitnessing me :)

Jan 29, 2010

Is it ever going to end??

I will be ten weeks tomorrow!  Instead of regaining my energy and feeling like I am in some state of general wellbeing, I think I am feeling worse and worse!  All of my pregnancies were different and this one is no exception.  I feel queasy almost all day long except for immediately after I eat, and first thing when I wake up in the morning.  I haven't been sick, but I just have that awful feeling in my stomach...kind of like if I read too much in the car.  I have only 3 more weeks till I pass the first trimester I really hope that I start feeling better soon.  I haven't been doing my workouts.  I got one day in total this week and didn't have enough energy the other days.  I hope to pick back up once I am feeling better.  I may be down, but I am not out.  I have an appt with my OBGYN on Thursday and hope to see the baby or at least hear a heartbeat.  If all looks good at that appointment I think I will tell work and share our news with the rest of my family & friends. 

I got a call, tonight, from my neighbor accross the street that I haven't spoken with in months and found out that she is pregnant too!  She is due in July a month before me.  That is really great news because her son and my son are the same age, and now our two new babies will be the same age too!  Ready made playmates :)

Jan 22, 2010

Patience and Perseverence!

So I am at the exact date that I should have finished the month of Burn Circuit.  Somehow I landed here a whole week behind.  I lost a day here and a day there and then 3 days this week.  Two of them I didn't workout when I was supposed to and then tonight I did Burn Intervals instead of Push Circuit 3 because I felt I needed the cardio after two days of being lazy :).  The first trimester always kicks my butt in terms of energy levels.  I think that is why I always gain so much weight in the first trimester.  I am always tired and don't want to do more than sit down or sleep.  I still am pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far though!  I WILL finish week four by Friday.  Then I will post my photos & measurements upon completion of the Burn phase.  I am showing a lot more now.  I have had a couple of co-workers as a friend of mine if she had heard anything about me being pregnant again.  Fortunately she knows I am pregnant and that I want to keep it quiet a bit longer so she said she hadn't heard anything :)  Gotta love good friends!  I will be 9 weeks tomorrow, so I hope to stay on track with my workouts the next 3 weeks.  Once I hit the 2nd trimester I will have to modify my ab routines so I am not lying flat on my back. I am not sure how I am going to do that :)  I will figure something out!

Jan 19, 2010

Fit Minded

My middle child, my son, is a high energy low focus type child.  In order to get the best results with him, you have to turn him to face you and make sure he is really listening.  I swear that kid can turn it on and off like that.  I will say "Rory, go get your clothes and get dressed for the day" and he won't respond, he doesn't miss a beat in his play and is face doesn't even register that he heard my voice, but I can also then say to his sister "Tabby, thank you for getting dressed so quickly, would you like to help me make cookies" and all of a sudden his hearing aid is turned on.  We have been working on finding activities that teach him to focus, while still are in the realm of play.  One of his newest favorites is what I like to call "the lego project".  I will make some sort of simple 1 dimensional shape out of legos and then provide him with the exact same number of legos in the same shape and color and he will try to create the same shape I did.  A simple game, but he loves it as long as I am careful not to get to "creative" with my shapes.  We were able to find a game that runs along similiar lines....it has shapes and flashcards showing different pictures created by the shapes.  Rory loves the truck ones and does a really good job putting them together.  I love the Learning Store.  Such great toys!

Another thing I have noticed and tried to jump on when the opportunity arises, is that when his sister is practicing writing her letters, he watches intently and tries to mimic her.  He wants so much to be like his sister at times.  He actually does a pretty good job with writing some of his letters (for being almost 3), thanks to Tabby's love of letters & recently, writing.  He is a pretty smart guy, but channeling his energy into useful outlets can be challenging.

Jan 18, 2010

Letting Go

I finally decided it was time to get comfortable with a sitter.  It only took me 4 and a half years to finally make that decision..... No that's not true.  I had decided about a year and a half ago, but haven't actually followed through until now.  We tried a daycare center when I first started my job out of college, and a month into it they called me at work and said my daughter, who was just a year old at that time, had fallen out of a high chair and passed out.  When I asked how she fell out of the high chair they responded "she was standing up in it and didn't listen when we told her to sit down".  That was it for the center.  We then found a nice lady who had an in home daycare that we really liked, but she didn't have room for our son when he was born.  At that point my husband and I just began alternating shifts so that one of us was always home with the kids.  I loved this situation and tend to feel that no one can take care of our kiddos quite like us.  Although the preschool we send our oldest to 3 half-days a week does a pretty amazing job too!

My husband is full time and I am going back to full time to help out the firm during tax season.  So I asked around and finally settled on a friend's neice.  She is only 13, but would only be watching the kids for 5 hours so my husband can get some sleep before he goes in to work at night on Thursdays.  She is a very nice, responsible girl and I think she is a good choice.  We can grow together.  Once she gets older and the kids and I get more comfortable with her, my husband and I just might get to have a night to ourselves here and there.  I am a little nervous, but remind myself that my husband will be in the house and can help out should the need arise.  I hope everything works out!

Jan 16, 2010

My Little Marker Eater

I know they say on the box of Crayola Markers that Crayola products are non-toxic, but I can't help but wonder if it applies in my situation.  I have a marker monster.  Every time one of the other two (usually my son) leaves a marker laying around without the cap on it, my one year old grabs it and runs.  I see her come around the corner with green, blue, purple, orange, and the scariest of all red just oozing out of her mouth as she chews on the tip of the marker she bit off.  I frantically dig the marker tip out and stick a cloth in her mouth to try and soak up whatever hasn't been soaked up by her tongue (I don't think she swallows any of it...just lets drool & marker run down her chin).  As hard as I try to be diligent with keeping track of what the older two are doing/dragging out, it is difficult to monitor every single activity every day.  I am more concerned with the beads and other choking hazards....ya know the ones that say "WARNING risk of choking and death" on the package!  So I pass on making the markers something that I have to go get every time they want to use them.  By the time Ember is old enough to treat the markers right (i.e. not eating them) number four will be ready to take her place :(

Jan 15, 2010

It's All Good

So I had my sonogram on Thursday and everything looks great!  The baby is measuring a couple of days behind, but my doctor thinks I ovulated late since I also didn't get a positive test until the day after I had missed my period.  The heartrate was 145 and everything else looked good....according to the sonographer.  She did mention that I have a really tilted uterus which I thought was strange considering I have had 3 kids to date and not once has there ever been any mention of a tilted uterus then.  I am going to have to do some research on that tonight.  I also started week three of ChaLEAN yesterday!  Woot, I even made it all the way through Burn It Off the day before without stopping more than once to catch my breath!  My fitness level must be improving even though I am not pushing myself nearly as hard as I would if I weren't pregnant. 

Jan 11, 2010

That's my Protein...Hands off!

I love my family dearly....I really do, but do I really need to share my whey protein shake with my kids after my workout????  This has become a recurring habit of theirs.  They hover in the kitchen just waiting for me to pull out the Silk and my jug of protein powder.  Today I gave in and made a shake for them to share with half the powder to the same amount of Silk.  I need to ask their doctor if this is ok on a semi regular basis before I let them make it a habit.  As much as I complain, I really don't mind sharing since the kids don't eat a whole lot of meat and I want to be sure they are getting enough protein.  I think they are getting plenty as we make a conscious effort to put protein on their plates often, but with the way they each eat (sometimes they like something the next day they don't) and there being three of them, it is tough to keep tally all day long in addition to everything else we need to remember.   LOL and we are having four....why???  Ah well, I suppose we wouldn't have had the challenge placed upon us if we couldn't handle it, right? 

I also realize that I should just be thankful that they look up to me and want spend time with me and to be like me, because someday they just might change their minds!

Jan 10, 2010

7 weeks yesterday

So I am now at seven weeks and so far so good.  In the past week (Sat to Sat), I only managed to get in 3 workouts.  Partly due to morning sickness occurring at night when I usually workout, and then lack of coordination in the kids schedules.  So starting from today I am going to shoot for 4 of the 7 days.  In about 20 minutes I will put the youngest down for a nap and do Burn Intervals and Ab Burner and then probably will have to do Tony & the Kids with Tabby & Rory.  Tabby will also probably try to do Ab Burner with me, LOL.

Two days ago I was standing holding Ember and Tabby comes up and pokes my tummy and says "mom you have a big belly"  I couldn't believe it.  Yes my belly is already showing a bit, but for her to notice and comment on it blows my mind!  We haven't yet told her that we are having a new baby.  We will tell them if everything looks ok on Thursday. 

I am getting anxious for the appointment on Thursday.  Hoping all is well!

Jan 8, 2010

Game Plan Event

Heading to Boston MA to the Game Plan Event taking place tomorrow!  I am really excited to see all my fellow coaches and do some Shakeology sampling.  I tend to do the same thing over and over with my Shakeology, so it will be fun to get some new ideas.  A day full of training, good friends & Shakeology.  What could be better than that?  If you are interested in coaching, attending a free Game Plan Event would be a great way to get to know some of the coaches, see what we do and all of the support available to us.  If your ever interested, let me know and I will hook you up!

Jan 3, 2010

Pregnancy Goals

This pregnancy will be my sixth total. Pregnancy number three and four ended in very early miscarriages, then we had number five, Ember, my little angel. To say the least, I am terrified of having another miscarriage, but am just taking it one day at a time and staying positive.

I gained a total 50 pounds with each of my three kids. This pregnancy I am hoping to break out of that old rut. I am currently 5'7.5 inches and 159lbs. My goal is to stay at 159 until I get through the first trimester, and then allow for approximately a pound a week, for a total of 28lbs the entire pregnancy. If I can accomplish this goal, I will be amazed! I always gain the most weight in the first trimester, so if I am able to maintain my current weight until I am out of the first trimester, the rest should be easy....right???

I had already planned on starting ChaLEAN after Christmas, so I have stuck with that plan. I started ChaLEAN last Sunday, and wrapped up the first week tonight. I will complete the 90 day program as planned and then evaluate where I am and how I am feeling after that. I will make whatever modifications that are needed to feel comfortable and protect my body & the baby during the program. Here is my before picture (5 weeks 6 days pregnant and on day 6 of ChaLEAN).  It always amazes me, how quickly my tummy pokes out this early in pregnancy.

Jan 2, 2010

Oh Boy.....or Girl!

Two weeks ago we found out that we are pregnant with our 4th child.  The news was very surprising to us both, and a little bit hard for me to take at first.  I also just found out a month ago that I was being promoted at work.  My new position will require a lot more responsibility and it will be a constant struggle to get all my work done without working more than my 30 hours a week I am getting paid for.  I don't want to go back to full time because I will go back to never seeing my kids again, but I also don't want to be at the office more than I am getting paid for. 

After having the past 2 weeks to get organized and pull together a plan for balancing my home and work life, I am getting excited about the new bundle that will hopefully be delivered sometime in August.  I am thinking it is a girl (I haven't been wrong with any of my kids), so we will see in another 14 weeks!

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