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Aug 31, 2010


As I sit here with little Ashyn, I am thinking about how different each of my pregnancies have been.  Each time I have improved a little on my eating & staying active throughout the pregnancy.  This last time I worked out fairly regularly until I was about 7 1/2 months along before I lost my motivation.  I know that, for me, as soon as my workouts stop I succumb to poor eating as well.  This results in low energy levels and high cravings for foods that help keep my energy levels low, in addition to packing on the pounds.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I was so tired all the time and the reason was that my eating was very poor.  However, I was able to meet my goal of keeping my weight under 200lbs (thanks to the first 7 1/2 months!).  I successfully kept 11 of the pounds I had gained with the other three at bay.  I am not yet able to pick up a rigorous workout routine and am focusing on walking as much as possible and staying on my feet during the day.  Once I am sure my c-section is completely healed & ready for action I will start a new program and work on tuning up this old body of mine!  The things I CAN and AM doing right NOW are the following:  Sleep - 8 hours each night....if I don't get it I nap and I HATE napping, but I know sleep is vital for my body to repair itself properly.
Water - 6 bottles a day (approx 168oz) 
Snacking - cut it back to 2 snacks & 3 meals rather than eating every time I get an urge (side effect of poor eating at end of pregnancy)
Shakeology Cleanse - today is day one the Three Day Cleanse....this should make my transition to clean eating so much easier
Exercise - walking, stairs, laundry dishes, chasing the kiddos etc... working up to Turbo Jam

All in all it is a slow start and frustrating for me, but important that I do what is best for my body.  After all this body has produced 4 wonderful little personalities and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

Aug 30, 2010

Welcome Ashyn Rayne!

I haven't been here in a while and am going to try to change that!  I figure the most appropriate place to start is with the birth of our fourth (and last) child.  Our little munchkin, Ashyn Rayne Good, was born via c-section on August 19th at 8:35am.  She weighed in at 7lbs and 10oz and was 20 inches long.  She fell in rank as the second smallest in terms of weight & height of our four kids. 

We left the hospital on the 20th and have been busy getting settled with our new addition.  Now, 11 days later, Ashyn has settled in and proven to be a very easy baby.  We only get up, at most, twice each night and she is rarely fussy.  The other three kiddos have adjusted well and are very fond of their little sister.  Tabby being very motherly and helping out with Rory & Ember in addition to helping me out with Ashyn.  All in all, things are settling quite nicely around here.

We are very lucky to have such great kids!

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