Portland Fit Club

May 17, 2010

Fitness Room Showdown

A little background:

I am in Chicago, Illinois, right now for a FAS 109 training for work.  The hotel is extremely cushy & nice, food is super expensive, and there is a fairly nice fitness room in the hotel.  I am here by myself, as my co-workers each had a different area of expertise they wanted to focus in on.

At about 6:30 last night I decided to go check out the fitness room.  I threw on my sweats, a tank, and my Shakeology shirt to wear to and from the fitness room.  I chose my treadmill, and fiddled with the controls trying to figure out the programs etc.  Finally I got settled and watched Se7en Deadly Sins as I did a brisk walk/jog.  I figured a half an hour was a good length of time.  Even with a t.v. to watch, I find the treadmill to be incredibly boring, but the living room in my hotel room isn't set up in a manner condusive to doing my Turbo Jam that I brought along just in case.  I was in my last 2 minutes of cool down when these two incredibly fit guys walk into the room.  GRRRR there goes my pride ballooning up twice the size of the city! In my head, I saw them thinking "oh look at that poor, fat preggo chick, coming in for a light walk on the treadmill", and in my head I replied "poor, fat preggo chick...my ass!  I could keep up with the two of you any day that I am not pregnant and wouldn't be far behind right now...preggo or not!"  So after that transfer of words (all in my head of course), I kicked it back up to high speed and did interval sprints for the next half an hour.  I felt sweaty, gross & accomplished when I finished and as I walked out of the fitness room, I mentally shot them  a "so there!".

May 5, 2010

Tony Horton Leads us in Squats

Tired & hot after an amazing Turbo Fire workout

                                           aerial view of the super workout - about 1500 of us in there!

Tony Horton leads us in Squats

Summit Day 3

Wow Coaches Summit went by way too fast.  I am going to miss all of my friends & team members.  I am very excited to know that next years event is going to be 4 days long instead of 3!!!  An extra day of fitness, like minded people, and ideas for getting the world healthier.  The last day was spent learning how important it is to add personal development to our daily activities.  I can see that...if I don't like myself, then why should you like me?  HA!   There were various other announcements and then closing.  My upline Star Diamond paid for all of her team to get lunch together!  That was awesome.  Barbie is definitely an inspiration to me.  I am so glad I went.

After the long flight to Boston and then 2 hour drive home, I crashed for a quick nap.  Then I was happy to get to spend time with my kiddos that I missed very much while I was gone.  I am refreshed and ready with my training & tools to really grow my business!

May 2, 2010

Coach Summit Day 2

Day two of Summit brought another intense Turbo Fire workout with Chalene Johnson in a much less crowded room!  I am really really excited for Turbo Fire to make its big debut at the end of June.  That is going to be one amazing workout.  After the great workout, there was a Shakeology breakfast (yum), and a ton of information of the great things to come for coaches in 2010.  Most importantly, more bonuses and more ways to earn money as a coach.  Beachbody's goal is to reach 1 million coaches.  We currently have about 23,000.  After lunch there were breakout training sessions, and then this evening an amazing party!  The two Million Dollar Body contestants were announced and received $25,000 checks and awards were given out for coaches achievements.  After that everyone got their groove on : )  I got my picture taken with Chalene Johnson WOOT!  More training tomorrow and then it is back home to reality!

May 1, 2010

Coach Summit Day 1

So today is the first day of coach summit and it was awesome!  Our flight got in 25 minutes early, registration went smoothly & our hotel is very nice!  I got to meet up with my coach, Rochelle, and other coaches on our team!  It was nice to meet them in person.  This evening we did the super workout where each trainer that is on site led us in a segment.  I managed to keep up through the whole hour and a half long workout.  This includes doing warm-up with Debbie Siebers, Turbo Fire with Chalene, Insanity with Shaun T, Plyo with Tony, and I tried my hand at Brazil Butt Lift, but mostly just moved around a lot because I couldn't figure out the moves (couldn't see his feet on the stage with all the heads in front of me).  I managed push ups, intense cardio and lots of squats.  I think I am going to be a hurting unit come tomorrow night!

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