Portland Fit Club

May 5, 2010

Summit Day 3

Wow Coaches Summit went by way too fast.  I am going to miss all of my friends & team members.  I am very excited to know that next years event is going to be 4 days long instead of 3!!!  An extra day of fitness, like minded people, and ideas for getting the world healthier.  The last day was spent learning how important it is to add personal development to our daily activities.  I can see that...if I don't like myself, then why should you like me?  HA!   There were various other announcements and then closing.  My upline Star Diamond paid for all of her team to get lunch together!  That was awesome.  Barbie is definitely an inspiration to me.  I am so glad I went.

After the long flight to Boston and then 2 hour drive home, I crashed for a quick nap.  Then I was happy to get to spend time with my kiddos that I missed very much while I was gone.  I am refreshed and ready with my training & tools to really grow my business!

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