Portland Fit Club

May 2, 2010

Coach Summit Day 2

Day two of Summit brought another intense Turbo Fire workout with Chalene Johnson in a much less crowded room!  I am really really excited for Turbo Fire to make its big debut at the end of June.  That is going to be one amazing workout.  After the great workout, there was a Shakeology breakfast (yum), and a ton of information of the great things to come for coaches in 2010.  Most importantly, more bonuses and more ways to earn money as a coach.  Beachbody's goal is to reach 1 million coaches.  We currently have about 23,000.  After lunch there were breakout training sessions, and then this evening an amazing party!  The two Million Dollar Body contestants were announced and received $25,000 checks and awards were given out for coaches achievements.  After that everyone got their groove on : )  I got my picture taken with Chalene Johnson WOOT!  More training tomorrow and then it is back home to reality!

Shakeology Promotions