Portland Fit Club

May 17, 2010

Fitness Room Showdown

A little background:

I am in Chicago, Illinois, right now for a FAS 109 training for work.  The hotel is extremely cushy & nice, food is super expensive, and there is a fairly nice fitness room in the hotel.  I am here by myself, as my co-workers each had a different area of expertise they wanted to focus in on.

At about 6:30 last night I decided to go check out the fitness room.  I threw on my sweats, a tank, and my Shakeology shirt to wear to and from the fitness room.  I chose my treadmill, and fiddled with the controls trying to figure out the programs etc.  Finally I got settled and watched Se7en Deadly Sins as I did a brisk walk/jog.  I figured a half an hour was a good length of time.  Even with a t.v. to watch, I find the treadmill to be incredibly boring, but the living room in my hotel room isn't set up in a manner condusive to doing my Turbo Jam that I brought along just in case.  I was in my last 2 minutes of cool down when these two incredibly fit guys walk into the room.  GRRRR there goes my pride ballooning up twice the size of the city! In my head, I saw them thinking "oh look at that poor, fat preggo chick, coming in for a light walk on the treadmill", and in my head I replied "poor, fat preggo chick...my ass!  I could keep up with the two of you any day that I am not pregnant and wouldn't be far behind right now...preggo or not!"  So after that transfer of words (all in my head of course), I kicked it back up to high speed and did interval sprints for the next half an hour.  I felt sweaty, gross & accomplished when I finished and as I walked out of the fitness room, I mentally shot them  a "so there!".

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