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Jan 30, 2010

Out performed by my 4.5 year old!

We just finished lunch, and, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I hear the T.V. come on and my 4.5 year old say "mom....mom.....I can't hear the T.V."  I walk into the living room with the following words on the tip of my tongue:  "Tabby, do you really think you need to watch T.V. right now....why don't we find an activity to do together"

Just before the words actually fell off my tongue I realize she had cleared the toys out of the middle of the living room floor, had her water cup poised on the stand for her water break, and was getting ready to work out with Tony & the Kids.  The worst part of this is that she has done this for the past 3 or 4 days.  She used to only think about her workout after she saw me doing my video.  But she has been keeping up with her workouts even though I haven't been keeping up with mine!  I can not believe my four and a half year old is giving me a run for my money :)  I am extremely happy and proud that she is doing this on her own. I would never ever EVER force my children to do a workout video, they get plenty of exercise in their daily play.......Tabby has always enjoyed it so her aunt & uncle bought her Tony & the Kids for Christmas.  She was sooo excited to have her very own workout dvd.

I highly recommend the workout video if you want to have a fun way to incorporate activity in your child's day.  It is not a structured workout so to speak....Tony is very silly and fun in the workouts.  For example they pretend to surf in one of the exercises.  They get down on their stomachs really fast and move their arms and legs like they are swimming, then they get up and pretend like they are trying to get their balance etc.  They also pretend to be frogs and scootch down then jump up, they hop on one foot then the other pretending that the ground is really hot etc..  It is a lot of fun and doesn't seem like a workout at all.  Tabby gets right into it.  Plus it is very inexpensive.  I have included the link below.


So anyway....looks like I might have to do my workout today.  I can't have my kids out fitnessing me :)

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