Portland Fit Club

Feb 1, 2010

Trying to tip the scales just a tad less

The cravings just keep coming and coming and they are for foods that I would never ever eat.  I just never even have any desire to eat them.  Tonight I ate chicken nuggets (yeah the real ones) & french fries.  At least they were baked rather than fried, but I am sure they were full of calories, preservatives & fat.  I can't just clean all this stuff out of the cupboards because those are the few things my husband likes to have.  He already eats entirely different than he would if it were just him.  He doesn't mind eating healthy, but he also likes his junk too.

I had more energy this evening, so I did Burn It Off and the cardio portion of Kickin' Core.  I burned 826 calories tonight, WOOT!  I am sure that barely covered the nuggets I ate, but it helped minimize the damage.  I am going to double check my intake today to make sure I didn't go below 2,000 cals after my workout.  If I did I will have an apple or some raw veggies to make up for it.  Gotta keep the baby's wellbeing in mind!

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