Portland Fit Club

Feb 20, 2010

Roller Fun!

Call me crazy, but I decided to get my almost 5 year old a pair of rollerblades......solely for the purpose of getting myself a pair too!  I remember how much I loved my blades when I was a kid and I miss it.  I am sure my OBGYN would not be happy at all to hear that I plan on going rollerblading here soon, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her :)

I took my daughter out on her blades this afternoon and she managed to stay on her feet! I was very impressed with just that fact.  She doesn't quite understand how to turn her feet slightly to push off, but I am sure that will come with time.  My husband has guilt tripped me into buying a pair for our just barely three year old.  I am afraid that he will hurt himself, being a munchkin of a three year old as it is, but he was so sad to find out that he didnt' have a box with blades in them in the mail.  So I have ordered him a pair as well and plan to blame his dad for any accidents that befall him.  Just kidding.  He is actually pretty physically capable, so he might even be better at it than our oldest.  Plus we have helmets, knee, elbow & wrist guards for both of them.  I couldn't find anything made specificially for the tailbone.....that might be a problem!~

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