Portland Fit Club

Sep 20, 2010

Sweaty Pleasure - we meet again!

At the bottom of my "naptime" list of things to do was get in my workout (haha...get your mind out of the gutter!).  I dutifully checked off all the items on my list and got to the last.....Turbo Jam 20 minute workout.  The kids are still asleep and so it is a perfect opportunity to get this item checked off.  I have tried this workout several times over the past few weeks and each time been very anxious about putting in too much effort and harming the healing process of my c-section.  All the same fighting off my desire to jump right back on the wagon and forget that I had a major surgery.  My apprehension has been growing lately because I really want to start P90X when I get the a-ok to resume normal activities at my 6 week check-up on the 30th, but I am getting a nagging feeling that P90X really should not be considered a "normal" activity.  Would I recommend to anyone else that they should start P90X so soon after a c-section????  HELL NO!  So why, you ask, am I determined to do just that?  I dunno....I blame my parents.  One (or both) of them gave me a stubborn gene and it is near impossible to ignore the urges that stem from it!  I will revisit this issue when the time comes.....

Anyway..back to today's workout.  I started off just as timidly, as I have in the past, and slowly added a little bit more energy and bounce paying careful attention to any strange twinges or sensations as I went along.  Before I knew it the workout was over and I was going full intensity!  I felt awesome!  No discomfort...just the awesome feeling of being hot, sweaty & full of energy after a great workout.  Today was a success & it isn't even half over yet : )  Can't wait till tomorrows workout!

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