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Sep 3, 2010

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse - Results!

The Shakeology Cleanse was developed after I got pregnant, so I have been itching for the past 7 or 8 mths to try it.  Now that Ashyn is here and I am feeling pretty good, I decided to do the cleanse as a way to kick off my fitness regime since I am not yet comfortable doing any of my fitness programs this soon after a c-section.  I made it through the 3 Day Cleanse and was very  happy with my results!

The Cleanse:

When you wake: Green Tea (no dairy or sweeteners...plain!)
Breakfast:  Shakeology (can have fruit in it, water & ice)
Snack:  1 piece of fruit
Lunch:  Shakeology (only water & ice)
Snack: Shakeology (only water & ice)
Dinner:  Salad with 6oz of white meat or fish (greens plus 3 servings of vegetables, low or no fat dressing)

Drink between 2 and 4 liters of water each day.  Absolutely no dairy during the cleanse! This is done for 3 days.  Don't forget to measure your waist & weigh in before you begin!

My results:

7am on 1st day     183 lbs starting weight    37 5/8 inches
7am on 2nd day    178 lbs                          35 1/2 inches
6am on 3rd day     175 lbs                          35 inches
7am on 4th day     173.2 lbs ending weight  34 inches

I measured & weighed in early morning the first day of the cleanse and made sure to try and weigh in and measure around the same time each day to stay consistant.  My ending weight & measurement was taken in the morning following my last day of the cleanse. 

Of Note:

I did just have a baby 2 weeks ago, so part of my weight loss could be natural loss that occurs after having a child.  I also hadn't been eating very well the last two months leading up to the cleanse, so I had a lot of cleansing to do : )  I followed the regimen to to the letter.  No nibbles of anything etc...... I wanted to get good results so I didn't cheat myself out of them.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 158 and I weighed 199 when I went in for Ashyn's delivery.  I have NEVER been able to get within 15 pounds of my pre preggo weight in just 2 weeks after delivery : )

You can learn more about Shakeology by clicking here.  To buy a monthly supply it costs about $4 a shake.  However, you can sign up as a coach (we call it a preferred customer if you don't want to run your own business) and save 25% on your purchases.  If you would like details on how that works, let me know.  I also can sell enough for just the cleanse for $45 plus the cost of shipping....contact me for this option as well.

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