Portland Fit Club

Dec 14, 2009

On again & off again!

I have decided to do Turbo Jam until I start my ChaLEAN rotation. It won't hurt to start attacking my recent softness with some calorie blasting cardio! I got in Cardio Party 2 this afternoon (and my 4 year old joined me for the first 20 minutes or so).

I had started ChaLEAN in June (when my baby was 6 mths), after using Turbo Jam, but only managed to get through the Burn & Push rotations due to my hectic work schedule. Since then, I haven't really been able to get back up on the wagon. Picture a slow moving wagon with someone barely holding on...one leg up on the platform and the other one dragging heavily in the dirt! That was me. I had great results with the first two months of ChaLEAN, and can't wait to see what another round of burn & push in addition to the completion of lean circuit will do for me!

Though I do have another "busy season" coming up (I am a CPA in the tax department), I also was able to reduce my hours at work and compress my schedule into 3 days a week. This time I am going to finish ChaLEAN no excuses!

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