Portland Fit Club

Dec 6, 2009

Kids will be (and need to be) kids

Today was my annual holiday "cookie party" for the kids.  We had 9 kiddos ages 4 and under and 4 moms for damage control at my place today.  The kids had a blast cutting sugar cookies out of the dough and putting them on the pan, and even more fun decorating them with frosting & candies!  I tried not to watch too carefully because I just KNOW that little fingers found their way into little mouths and then back into the frosting or candy bowls.  When the cookies were just about all decorated I gave the word that it was ok for my kids to taste their cookies.  While, on an ordinary day, cookies would not be anywhere near my kitchen, this day is a special day for us all to celebrate the season and participate in a tradition that will make a lifetime of memories.  I just turn my head and let them go at it.  I am a firm believer in moderation, but I also think that kids will be kids and there is nothing wrong with it.  Besides, it doesn't hurt them to see the consequences of over indulging in sweets. In fact, my oldest did just that!  After a very small dinner of half a veggie dog & a fat free yogurt, she complained of a tummy ache.  I happily took this opportunity to point out that eating a lot of sugary foods can make your body feel bad, and you need to eat small amounts of those foods to keep your body happy. :)  All in all it was a great day spent with good friends & family~


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