Portland Fit Club

Apr 24, 2010

Baby Girl

So according to the sonographer, baby number four with be our third girl~!  Good in the sense that we have totes upon totes of girls clothing, especially since I went overboard with my first and bought way more than she would ever wear, but I do feel a bit sorry for my 1 boy.  I guess he and dad will have to stick close! This pretty much requires us to add a second level (and second bathroom) to our house.  Maybe even 2  more bathrooms.  I am excited, despite feeling a bit sad for Rory.  I really always felt like I would do better with girls, and my little man and husband are more than enough boy for me : )

Now for the picking of names.  I like unusual names, but ones that aren't way out there.  My children are as follows:  Tabitha Rose, Rory Daegan, Ember Madison    We have a much easier time coming up with girls names, however since we have already used two girls names that we both agree on, I think this time around will be harder.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share : )  We could use all the help we can get!

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