Portland Fit Club

Mar 26, 2010

Bombed the Clean Eating

Ok so I have to be honest here.  I lasted only a week on the clean eating.  There are a lot of things I could blame it on.

1.  Having to work 12 hour days and being fed by my firm.  The dinners that they provide are great....it saves us money and saves us time, but....while they aren't terrible for us, they also are not good for us either.

2.  Being pregnant and craving foods until I finally break down and eat them.

3.  Being stressed and losing my good mind frame because of the stress.

I can think of so many more.  It basically came down to a handful of factors.....I didn't take the time to prepare enough snacks/meals to bring to work with me and got hungry halfway through the day.  Since the vending machine price is only 25 cents this time of year, I wound up frequenting it when I got hungry.  I didn't take the time to balance out my proteins, carbs, fat etc. with the point of view that I am pregnant and have different nutritional needs at this time.  I found myself feeling weak, shaky and having no energy because I didn't have the right balance in the foods I brought with me.  My lack of creativity with Michi's ladder and being a vegetarian also caused some issues.  I am sure I was not getting enough protein.

I have learned a lot from the experience and can't wait to try again.  I have learned that I can only do so much, and even super moms need to stop and take care of number one once in a while.  Once I get through the time that I told my boss I would give him (full time through April 15), I am going to try again and this time I am going to do it right with my full attention!

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